Summer program for schools

Where excellence meets exception

The Bulferetti-Group has a long history of English scholastic tourism, one that has lasted for years, both in winter and in summer. In the recent past, the relationship has been fortified, through the presence of many young IAPS Ski Championship participants (which take place on the slopes of Ponte di Legno and Tonale Pass) staying in the Bulferetti-Group’s facilities. The Independent Association of Prep Schools is a schools association, representing around 670 preparatory schools. The majority of IAPS' schools are in the UK, with other locations including Africa, the Middle East, Singapore, and the USA. 
IAPS only chooses winter trips and summer program location that can demonstrate and provide the highest standards of safety and care. We are the number one choice for IAPS because we exceptionally meet all the criteria.

Summer trip 

The summer trip offers, in the basic package, a 5-day stay at Hotel Mirella. We have created an exiting program that combines nature, culture, sports and modernity, in order to make your stay at Ponte di Legno an unforgettable one.


We encourage the young to experience the fun of water rafting and hope that you will learn to love this sport as much as we do. Our Rafting guests are often beginner rafters just like you. Many have never run a water river but enjoy the outdoors and want to participate in an enjoyable and exciting rafting trip on a river. Rafting: step out of your comfort zone and try new things, you will have the opportunity to try new activities, experience new passions and hobbies.

Wall climbing

Climbing wall is every child dream. Our climbing Trips are designed to get the whole climbing group to be challenged and having fun together. Ponte di Legno offers a well-developed natural network of hiking, mountain trails and different choices for rock climbing for kids. Wall-climbing and Rock-climbing: dare your self to new heights and reward yourself with hard work, its risky, its challenging, set your personal goals and realize your dreams to reach the top.

 Adventure Park

Adventure Parks are fantastic experience for the kids and is guaranteed to pack their day with adrenaline and quest! This adventure park holds climbing trees, suspension bridges, nets, rope slides and other obstacles. Different tasks on different heights and levels means that children of all ages will find a challenge matching their skills! Adventure Park and Rock-climbing: pursue your quest to freedom in the adrenaline filled test & obstacles, all is easily achieved with the new friends you make and breaking the bond of constant parental dependency.


Ponte di Legno with its pretty village streets and winding rural roads, is perfect for biking. There are adventurous mountain trails that challenge the teens and offers miles of car-free biking parks. The Alps offers a variety of marked mountain bike trails for the more adventurous rider, with a hike of 1300m to 1900m Height in less than a few kilometers ride. Mountain-Bike Excursion: work in a group and make new friends by developing & fortifying the qualities required to cultivate and strengthen these relationships.

Water Park

During the summer time, kids are looking for fun places to cool off. Happily, water parks across Ponte di Legno introduces a water attractions with bigger splashes, more thrilling drops, and crazier slides. Water Park: don’t forget to appreciate and take those absurdly hilarious pictures, its all about the fun, laughing, singing, playing, making your own unforgettable experiences.


It’s a great way to introduce kids to the beauty of the high country. They’ll feel like mountain climbers when they reach the ridgetop for even better panoramic vistas. We chose the activity of hiking because getting back to nature is a bonding experience; there is music, dancing and laughter during the journey, discovery of animals domestic and wildlife. The sense of freedom, away from everything while enjoying the panoramic view of the landscape. When you reach the mountain tops the reward of overcoming a challenge, some areas have never been touch by man and you could be the first person to visit somewhere on foot and the reward at the end of the trail is a surprise. Hiking: a mini-adventure the whole groups will love.

Up to 20 different activities that can be personalized to each group need & preference and many more surprises of our own. In addition to the physical aspects, we haven’t overlooked the importance of history and culture, which will be experienced first-hand in traditionally significant places: a large part of WWI took place, high up in the mountains between 1915 and 1918.


Italy is known around the world as the Bel Paese, or “The Beautiful Country”. It offers magnificent mountain ranges, gorgeous beaches, enchanting lakes, monuments that are a major part of world history, and unparalleled artistic masterpieces. It is no coincidence that it has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world. A few of these gems, located in Northern Italy, can be visited directly during your stay in Ponte di Legno, through many of the excursions that we customize according to our guests’ needs.


Milan, the fashion capital; Venice, a city like no other; Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet; Brescia, the birthplace of the Mille Miglia race; Lakes Garda, Como and Iseo.


Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” in Milan; The Duomo in Milan; The Scala in Milan; St. Marks Basilica in Venice; The Amphitheater in Verona; The Certosa di Pavia complex; The Rock drawings in Capo di Ponte.

Our cultural trips

Italy is also known as the land of good food and great wine, and there are many ways for you to sample a selection of traditional dishes (think lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, etc.) during your stay at one of our operations. Plus, if you want to discover the secret behind making good wine, we can arrange a trip to the Franciacorta region, one of the most renowned in the country for winemaking, just 80 km from Ponte di Legno.

The magic continues... In the hotel

When you walk closer to Ponte di Legno you would understand why the mountains are beautiful looking like a picture that you find in a book: a snow-glazed Alpine scene.

Our food

The delicious food we serve in our restaurant reflects the stories we tell in our Italian culture. Our food is locally sourced, organic, seasonal and freshly made. Our food is prepared daily, our main goal each day is to provide different freshly made dishes, without compromising on quality or service. We cater to all people, whether vegetarian, vegan or altogether new to this kind of eating, providing items everyone can relate to.

Where your dreams come true

At home in the mountains, the heart of your summer trip. The hotel rooms are simple and welcoming, with different styles but the same comfort. Each room can host a different number of beds, allowing the kids to sleep with their best friends. They are furnished with style and taste, they are always clean and meet all current safety standards: safe materials, fire safety and smoke detectors. A continental breakfast, packed lunch and an evening meal are included as part of your ski package.

Ponte di Legno

Ponte di Legno - Tonale Pass, is located 160 km from Milan, and is reachable from both Linate and Malpensa airports. There are also two other international airports that are closer: Bergamo-Orio Al Serio (100 kilometers) and Verona (140 kilometers). The heart of Ponte di Legno is a piece of jewel in itself. Fancy shops, cute local architecture, all clean and in perfect order, delicious restaurants offering hearty local cuisine and a stream of two waters running through the buildings which makes it look like a perfect movie setting. Right in the center of town the two streams Narcanello and Frigidolfo actually merge to form Oglio river. You will love to do your daily exercising, walking down and up in the morning and sit at the bar in the plaza sipping your coffee or, during the evening, having your aperitif in the lovely bars around town. Everyones favorite is Il Nazionale, in the typical wooden mountain cabin style where you can sip delicious wine and taste local appetizers.

Who we are

“Arrive like a Customer leave as a Friend”

It’s with this spirit that Bulferetti family has always operated for decades. Hospitality is a treasured tradition in our family, with this in mind we have thrived in creating a real connection and bond with our customers. Many of our guests return time and time again to Hotel Mirella and Hotel Dolomiti to enjoy the unique relaxing and warm family atmosphere we provide.

Where excellence meets exception: IAPS represents excellence in academic preparation and Bulferetti Group is an exception in the hospitality sector.