Real Estate

Today, the real estate sector makes up an important part of Bulferetti Group’s vast portfolio. The Ville d’autore (author’s villas) follow our detail-oriented philosophy, offering independent apartments in top-quality residential complexes; each has its own unique flair, mixed with a perfect blend of high-tech solutions, local materials and avant-garde architecture.

Villa Lucini

First in the series of the Ville d’Autore, Villa Lucini is built in a residential area that overlooks Ponte di Legno, where it enjoys a spectacular vista of the surrounding mountains. It is composed of six housing units of varying sizes. Of note are the lighting and the iron fence, creations of the internationally-renown Camunian artist Franca Ghitti whose sculptures are displayed all over the word, from New York and Monaco to her native town.

Villa Susy

Also called “the House of Poetry”, its lighting effects, a stoke of genius by the architect-poet Leo Laiti, enhance and underscore the use of stone, larch wood and copper. Set in an optimal position in Ponte di Legno, both near to the town center and the gondola and ski lifts, it is composed of seven housing units.

Villa Al Doss

Villa al Doss is located near Villa Susy, in the pinewoods of the “Dosso dei Calamai”; it is composed of seven housing units with loft apartments. The inspiring principle behind its realization, as with the others, has been the use of local materials combined with high tech solutions, with special attention given to the lighting.