Where meeting is a pleasure

Our hard working team is here to deliver you a stress-free event

We strive to make the process of planning a meeting as easy as possible. We take the stress out of planning by putting together a tailored itinerary to suit the needs of your company. 


The Bulferetti Group is a creative family team of professionals, striving to provide an innovative alternative; for a unique tailored MICE solution given to companies and individuals. We deliver a unique service at a reasonable price that meets your needs and goals. We offer a wide connection of our partners and industry experts alongside with the support and know-how you require to make refined tourism choices.

We are strong believers in personalizing services for our guests, being a small group gives us the ability to adapt and change quickly to the needs of our customers. We also know that finding a package that fits within your budget is vital, which is why we have created a selection of services that you can choose from, without compromising value for money. Hospitality is a treasured tradition in our family, with this in mind we have thrived in creating a real connection and understanding of our customers business needs. Our service approach: “The devil is in the detail” has been a true driver in delivering high standard service for our clients.

We work closely with partners based on their well-recognized and certified qualification to ensure that all of our services have a high standard and create a unique and tailored experience to meet our customer needs. We are aligned with a diverse range of collaborators who demonstrate our shared values and principles. We are strong believers in providing our guest with professionals who are trained, capable and have more than four decades of close relationship with us, combined with our industry experience assures that you will receive the best possible service and professional experience.


Program Development for meetings 

Regular meetings are the cornerstone of a functional business that is why having an appropriate venue where all the attendee participate and contribute to find a solution is vital. That’s where we come in: advise you in the Planning to choose the right balance of activities, programs and creating the appropriate atmosphere.


Bulferetti Group offers a unique concentration of different activity packed experiences to enhance one’s meeting or incentive travel trip, from its distinctive Italian cultures and rich dining experiences to a vibrant, world-class arts scene in major cities.

Feel the adrenaline rush with our action-packed team building adventure experiences. From a selection of activities varying from skiing the slopes by torchlight after dark to races and excursions by snowmobile. We have plenty of unique activities to choose from that are ideal for gift-giving or teambuilding events.

No two groups are the same, so we’ve carefully selected a choice of activities to meet the different company personality. Paying special attention to the human component in making the activities fun, surprising, challenging, entertaining and creating a unique team bonding sensation. The final result will be a stronger focused, dedicated team which appreciates the strength of the pack.


Implementing your plans to make it reality

The rooms, including the Paradiso hall with 6-meter ceilings and picture windows, all are located on the same floor and can be arranged according to the type of event being held. Our professional staff will take care of every aspect of your upcoming event such as conference administration, simultaneous translations, interpreting services, decoration, catering, audiovisual, we will be with you on-site to ensure that all aspects of your event go smoothly and according to your expectations.

The Ponte di Legno Convention Center

With five conference rooms, the design can be organized according to your requests, to host from 10 to 300 people. In particular, Paradiso Room, with an audience of 300 comfortable seats, can host conventions, conferences and is often used for concerts as well.


Each and every one of our 61 rooms offers all of the traditional comforts designed to help you get a restful night of blissful sleep. The room generally equipped with a balcony with a view over the surrounding mountains and the river Oglio, whose source lies only a few hundred meters away, and whose waters flow right outside the complex. There are multiple types of rooms available: Single, Standard, Comfort, Executive. Special care has been reserved for families with our Family and Family King rooms, the latter being apartment-like with its 40 square meters of connected and lofted rooms. Perfect for families, groups, couples, and singles, we have comfortable accommodations for whatever your needs are.

Single room

For people who love comfort and prefer spending time alone, don’t love large spaces, and want everything within reach and with the utmost privacy, then this is the option for you. Our traditional Guest Rooms provide a comfortable and relaxing vacation for you.

Standard room

The Romantic Suite awaits you with an exclusive room for couples; you will find elegance and absolute privacy, in a brightly lit room the perfect solution for a special getaway for two. Our traditional Guest Rooms provide a comfortable and relaxing vacation for you and your family.

Classic comfort room

Relax in the perfect space for your family. The Classic comfort rooms which are the one that best reflects our hotel’s standards, a Family-friendly facility accommodating up to 4 people also they are available with shared or separate beds, with the option to add a third. On top of that the boast panoramic balconies where you can enjoy the extraordinary view of the mountains, the charming Castel Poggio, and the Oglio River still in its torrential state.

Executive room

Our luxurious, extremely spacious Executive family guest rooms are in a class of their own, offering exceptional comfort and tranquility with a living space designed to ensure unrivaled relaxation. With all the added luxury of the executive rooms including the modern décor the Family Executive Rooms have a king bed and the option of a shared or separate beds with the option to add a third, are ideal for two adults and a child.

Family room

Our hotel rooms and spacious apartments have been designed with your family’s best vacation experience in mind. Family rooms come furnished with Double rooms with a third bed already provided, and a crib if necessary, that represent the best of family tradition, perfect for parents with children. We can also connect to an adjoining King room and a Deluxe Junior for larger groups.

Family king room

Family king rooms are all about affordable luxury & grand space for your family, experience the perfect family holiday with a family king suite with a spacious attic or connected rooms family suite that can accommodate up to 5 guests, the whole family can experience the magic and wonder of Ponte di Legno without compromising on comfort. Enjoy the amazing comfort and space an Family king suite provides. For a truly indulgent experience, our hotels offer unrivaled opulence for you and your family.

Our food

The delicious food we serve in our restaurant reflects the stories we tell in our Italian culture. Our food is locally sourced, organic, seasonal and freshly made. Our food is prepared daily, our main goal each day is to provide different freshly made dishes, without compromising on quality or service. We cater to all people, whether vegetarian, vegan or altogether new to this kind of eating, providing items everyone can relate to.

Eating starts with your eyes, our freshly made food are a delight for all senses.


With 45 years of experience under our belt, Bulferetti Group is a well-respected institution in Italy; we are the choice of many international companies because we demonstrate and provide the highest standards of service. Each year we have adopted and developed in exceeding customers’ needs, by choosing us, you are guarantying that your events and parties will have a special flare.

Do your parties with Panache

We have helped Businesses in planning to promote their company, to spark performance improvement, to increase staff motivation and for many other purposes. Our top-notch management team will help you in the success of the event which in turn will allow an ideal opportunity to strengthen the relationship between service provider and client while easing the stress of work function from you. Whether you want to have an event to show the image of your business, or have a corporate activity, want to host a VIP hospitality event, organize a corporate party, create a team building activity, we are there to provide you with unforgettable experiences.


Seeing as there are numerous opportunities for recreation (in summer as well as winter), we strive to provide a thorough organization of your free time. The options vary, obviously, depending on the season, but they are enough to satisfy athletic types just as much as those looking for relaxation and wellness. To list a few:


For those who wish to organize a business, social or simply private competition, slopes and timers can be rented. And the awards ceremony is included in the package.


One of the most traditional ways to spend free time in the mountains. You can experience a true excursion, or simply take a ride to a cozy dinner in the mountains. Sunset in the Alps will take your breath away.


At dusk or in the evening - but anyway, after the lifts are closed - you can take part in a fairytale atmosphere with group skiing, on the slopes and with torches, led by experts.


With the dog-sledding classes directed by Armen Khatchikian, the most renowned instructor in Europe, you can experience becoming a “musher,” the conductor of a sled pulled by Huskies. "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail".


In the enchanting Valle delle Messi, experience a fascinating guided excursion with snowshoes, which are worn directly over your shoes, in order to hike in the snow without slipping.


For those who, besides skiing, love the intoxication of speed on the slopes, we give you the chance to race on snowmobiles in specifically designated areas, surrounded by an amazing landscape.


The latest evolution of the kart. Out with the traditional track and in with one made of ice, for an even more exciting experience. A must do!


A dynamic competition that falls under the “games without borders” category, to test the adaptability of participants and guarantee a good dose of fun for everyone involved.


The beauty of the Alps, including the Adamello, the Castellaccio, and the Ortler Alps, as seen from above. The mountains and the sky seem close enough to touch in this breathtaking panorama.


The option, when visiting the Museum of the White War, to immerse oneself in the 1915-1918 conflict, fought on these very summits. And in Case di Viso, discover how life in the mountains used to be. A journey back in time.


Known as a sport of leisure and as a gentleman's game, golf is one of the most popular, well-received sports worldwide. Golf can be a very social and enjoyable sport. While you compete against others, you can also compete with yourself to better your previous best score at Ponte di Legno Golf Club.