Restaurant Pietra Rossa


In the heart of Nature

Surrounded by the evocative setting of Valle delle Messi, and located at the start of the road to the Gavia Pass in the territory of the Stelvio National Park, the Pietra Rossa Restaurant is an old hostel-cabin restored to its former glory by the brilliant intuition of Andrea Bulferetti who, in 2001, renovated it while maintaining the original features, both in the stony exterior and in the interior, dominated by wood.
It can accommodate up to one hundred people in its five rooms, which unfold on two floors; capacity doubles during the summer thanks to the outdoor tables along the Frigidolfo river.

A glutton's dream

The “Pietra Rossa” is often a starting and/or arrival point for excursionists, and it has gained the nickname “Sosta dei golosi”  (“Gluttons’ rest stop”) due to its traditional dishes, like the gnoc de la cua (tailed dumplings), ravioli, game, stews and grilled cheeses. Vegetables and cheeses are literally “farm to fork”: behind the restaurant, in fact, there is a vegetable garden and a dairy farm, where the production of Silter, a P.D.O. cheese, also takes place.